In order to protect the artistic production and intellectual memory of Maestro Jean Calogero, his sons Patrizia and Massimiliano together with Luigi Nicolosi, have set up the "ARCHIVIO JEAN CALOGERO" Cultural Association.

Located in Acicastello in via F. Crispi 50, where the artist had his studio and residence, the archive is intended for:

- The training, updating, study and dissemination of the cultural aspects of Calogero's work.

- The organization of personal exhibitions and the promotion of meetings and conferences.

- The archiving and certification of the Works.

It is in progress, the 1st volume of the General Catalog from the work of Maestro Jean Calogero.

The creation of the General Catalog does not constitute a reason for economic speculation, but is intended to be a recognition of the importance of the master's work, a scientific tool for operators and collectors, a guarantee for the owners of the works and for future buyers. The catalog will publish all the works deemed authentic based on the historical documentation and the unquestionable judgment of the Scientific Committee.

Taking into account the economic problems that our society is experiencing, the work of art is increasingly considered as a safe haven; when over time, however, the historical memories on the works of the artist in which it was decided to make its investment are lost and they are not published in official volumes (such as the general catalogs) and if even more so, there is no foundation or an archive that can produce the authenticity, marketing becomes very difficult, with consequent losses of quotation and interest.

The general catalog will also avoid purchasing false works by Maestro Jean Calogero in the future, thus favoring the commercialization of authentic works.

The request for a contribution for archiving the publication of the works is the same for everyone, regardless of the size of the reproduction or whether it will be presented in black and white or in color,

choice that will be taken during the examination of the work by the members of the Scientific Committee.

What does it mean archiving a work of art .

Archiving a work means making it uniquely registered in a third-party register, which makes the work non-clonable, non-falsifiable, incontrovertibly authentic. An archived work is worth more in the market as at any moment, whoever owns it can check its authenticity in the official archive.

Frequent questions:

Isn't it enough to have the authentication with the signature? Why should i archive my work? I also have the gallery owner's invoice.

  • Having this type of documentation is very useful. However, after several steps, those who buy a work will want to have even more certainty about the authenticity, let's remember that cloning a certificate or an invoice is much less expensive and less difficult than cloning a work, for this reason the documentation, although important, will never give certainty. 100% on authenticity.

Is my privacy protected?

- The archive does not keep the collector's data. The person who requests the archiving and who pays for the same is not necessarily the collector, so the archive does not link the personal data.

I bought a work, how can I obtain verification of authenticity and archiving?

- On the site there is a form to fill in and send.

Send or deliver the documentation to:


To the kind attention of the heirs, Patrizia and Massimiliano Calogero.

Artistic curator, Luigi Nicolosi

tel. 3355275064

– E-mail:

Download the sheet for the presentation of the works